Banking Training

Par with the rapidly changing business environment, and to keep up with the pace OSAN Academy (OA) jointly Reliable Career Academy in short RCA, introduced Banking Career Training2. From the genesis, OA is adhering persistently to attend its vision by:

  • Functionally establishing as the most resourceful training platform for people in every walks of their life.
  • Conducting quality and outstanding researchers that help to uplift the standard of financial sectors.
  • We help our students to transform themselves into professionals by empowering them to connect with their business in new ways

As one of Nepal’s leading business education and training providers OA is committed to providing its student and business clients with quality service and the very skills the professional look forward too.

Besides providing customized and tailored made programs to different renowned organizations, OA also provides retail programs, suited for individuals and small organizations. With more than couple of years of experienced OA has a highly interactive, participative and delightful.

Our Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Banking Industry of Nepal
  • Banking Operations
  • Credit Operation – Funded
  • Credit Operation – Nun-funded
  • Risk Management in Bank
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Taxation policy in Bank
  • Capital Market
  • Interoperation of Financial Statement
  • Preparing for Banking Career
Eligibility & Duration
BBS (Running or Passed) or equivalent in any discipline for 30 days, 2 hours a day.
We have proven ourselves for providing outstanding graduates in financial Institutions. As committed we provide internship and jobs to very best candidates.